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hilmar high school bell schedules

Regular Bell Schedule

Class Period Start Time End Time
1 8:15 AM 9:08 AM
2 9:13 AM 10:00 AM
3 10:15 AM 10:52 PM
4 10:57 PM 11:44 PM
5 12:28 PM 1:15 PM
6 1:20 PM 2:07 PM
7 2:12 PM 3:00 PM

Questions on chromebook Insurance


What is covered?

  1. Accidental Damage: Drops, Liquid Spills and Liquid Submersion
  2. Standard Perils: Fire, Flood, Vandalism, Natural Disasters and Power Surge due to lightning
  3. Theft, Burglary and Robbery.

What is not Covered?

  1. Corrosion & Rust, Cosmetic Damage, Dishonest Acts, Intentional Acts, Nuclear Hazard
  2. Power Surge (except lightning)
  3. Unexplained Loss or Mysterious Disappearance.
  4. Theft From An Unattended vehicle
  5. Normal wear and tear.

Other than reporting what has happened to the school, is there anything else I need to do?

  1. You must notify the local police immediately upon discovery of the loss if the loss is a result of theft, fire, or vandalism.

My school bucks

Hilmar Food Services online payment system


Enroll * Review * Fund

Lunch Purchases


Service Features:


  • Pay any School Meal Fees

  • Create Low Balance Alerts

  • Track & Review Purchase History

  • Automatic and Recurring Payments


Enrollment is Easy!


  1. Go to myschoolbucks.com and click “Register for an Account”
  2. Create an account for you and your children.
  3. Prepay with your credit, debit or electronic check.

Note: a small service fee may apply.